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I'm a creative designer working primarily in graphic design, motion graphics and video editing with a special focus on projects that support mission driven organizations and causes.



I was raised in New Orleans, by parents who both worked in animal rescue and advocacy, with so many pets (dogs, cats, birds, a horse and more) that most people ask if I lived on a farm. 

In 2003, I moved to New York City, where I worked for over 17 years as an actor and 10 years as a stunt performer. It was a wild ride. I was killed on Blue Bloods, arrested in Gotham City, knocked out by Daredevil, rescued by Spiderman, and, well... so many more stories to tell.

But when I eventually adopted animals of my own, the trajectory of my life changed. The empathy and resonsibility I felt towards them led me to volunteer for local animal rescues and organizations. I felt a new kind of passion brewing. This led to full time roles in the nonprofit field where I have now worked for 5 years.

My experience in entertainment and performing informs everything I do. But now my passion is directed towards using creative design (including graphic design, motion graphics and video editing) to support mission driven causes.

If you are a nonprofit, animal rescue or other mission driven organization - I'd be honored to collaborate on a project with your team. My experience working as a Program Manager in the nonprofit field has taught me how to amplify an organization's voice, speak with care & sensitivity to the experience of a community, and to create content that enages and informs at the same time.


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