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Hi! Thanks for stopping by!


I'm a motion graphics designer, graphic designer and video editor, but... really you should just call me "a creative" 'cos I'm a nerd for the creative process every which way it comes.

I was born and raised in New Orleans then moved to New York City where I spent over 17 years as an actor and 10 years as a stuntman. During that time, I was killed on Blue Bloods, arrested in Gotham City, knocked out by Daredevil in a crypt, hit by a car multiple times for an NBC pilot that never aired, shaved my head bald and ran around stage in a loin cloth shouting Shakespeare and... well, so many more stories to tell.

But over time, my passions and values changed so I shifted to work in animal care which led to full time roles in the nonprofit field, where I've worked for over 4 years now.

The creative projects that excite me the most are either nonprofit... or nonsense. If you are a nonprofit or other mission driven organization, looking for someone with experience in the field, sensitive to the unique needs of your audience and dedicated to amplifying your voice - I'd be humbled to support you. Or if you're a fellow wildcat looking to make some comedy, entertainment, or drop some fresh memes - just call me right now, it's an emergency, okay? 


Let's get creative!